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The Circle of Friends Program

        The Bexar County Medical Society offers a community business development initiative, called the Circle
        of Friends (COF). This is a program designed for companies and organizations like yours that would like to
        reach out to our medical community and our 5700+ physician members with your products and services.
        Our program is designed to encourage and promote business growth with physicians and the healthcare
        community. Historically, the Circle of Friends program has proven to be the best resource for engaging
        physicians as potential clients, physician referrals, brand awareness/recognition and positive public
        relations in our healthcare community. Through the COF program, we have successfully helped many
        businesses grow.

        Also note, the charitable donations made as sponsors in the Circle of Friends program help fund
        programs and events that are important to our Community’s health and the physicians that serve it.
        It’s a win-win scenario!

                                                                             Successful Marketing

                                                                               Using the Circle of
                                                                                Friends Resources

                                                                           The combined medical sectors in San
                                                                           Antonio now has a local economic impact
                                                                           of over $38 billion per year and employ
                                                                           one of every 6 citizens in our local
                                                                           workforce. This makes healthcare the
                                                                           largest industry in San Antonio, surpassing
                                                                           hospitality and oil. The Circle of Friends
                                                                           program will give you unique advantages
                                                                           not available through any other source to
                                                                           market to this industry.

           As a Circle of Friends sponsor
           You will be part of the same organization as the physicians you are trying to reach; this is a great
           advantage. In addition, attending private events, socializing one on one with physician members and
           notoriety as a supporter of their organization is hard to beat. Put that together with all the media
           exposure you will receive within the Medical Society and you should do very well.
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