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“If you want to reach Doctors this would be the place to do it!”

             Professional Membership Benefits  Guide

                                                          PLATINUM $10,000        GOLD $5,000      SILVER $3,000
             ANNUAL SPONSORSHIP BY LEVELS                     Honored Member      Business Building   Friend of the Society
                                                             *Special Recognition   (*Our most popular)
                                                                & Privileges
             Events- your company name will be listed on BCMS event       All event invitations   6 event invitations   3 event invitations
             Events- company name will be listed on recognition       At all events   6 events    3 events
             signage at BCMS events
             San Antonio Medicine Magazine Complimentary       3 subscriptions   2 subscriptions   1 subscriptions
             12-month subscription
             San Antonio Medicine Magazine 12-month listing with       Top placement   Yes        No logo
             logo Circle of Friends Services Directory.
             BCMS Physician & Medical Directory annual listing           Top placement   Yes      No logo
             Circle of Friends Services Directory Section
             BCMS Physician & Medical Directory Complimentary
                                                              5 copies          3 copies          1 copies
             issues (non-members at a per-copy cost $89.95)
             BCMS APP & On-Line Directory of Services     12-month
                                                              Top placement     Yes               No logo
             listing company name and profile information
             The Physician’s Weekly Dose e-newsletter
             Complementary 12-month subscription BCMS internal   Yes            Yes               Yes
             weekly e-newsletter for physician membership
             The Physician’s Weekly Dose e-newsletter Full color ad
                                                              12 issues         6 issues          3 issues
             space as available
             Membership mailing labels can be pre-sorted to spec, can       4 sets   3 sets       1 sets
             be substituted for e-blast
             Conference Center complimentary use of BCMS’       4 reservations   2 reservations   1 reservation
             conference center for events (as available)
             Vendor Space complimentary reserved vendor space at       All events   6 events       3 events
             BCMS general events (as available)
             Physician Inquires for services or products forwarded to      Top placement / First   Second    Third
             COF members                                      Choice
             Article Writing Opportunities for publication in        3          1                 *Contact BCMS
             the San Antonio Medicine magazine

             Circle of Friends home page your full color logo displayed   Yes   Yes               Text only No logo
             with exclusive link to your website or lading page

             BCMS Auto Program COF members may participate    All Circle of Friends Members

             San Antonio Medicine Magazine Complimentary full color quarter-page ad/
                                                                                Platinum Members Only
             announcement “New/Renewing Platinum Member” and your ad copy
             Company literature your promotional literature will be displayed at BCMS
                                                                                Platinum Members Only
             headquarters for physician's review
             Promotional Distribution Company may distribute company brochure at each place
                                                                                Platinum Members Only
             setting at BCMS events (details apply)
             Seminars BCMS will host two focus group meetings with physician members (catering
                                                                                Platinum Members Only
             and hard copy invitation not included)
             BCMS Board of Directors Meeting Your company representative(s) may make a
                                                                                Platinum Members Only
             special presentation at a BCMS Board of Directors meeting
             Minute at the Mic Presenter / Speaker for Platinum sponsors to address attendees   Platinum Members Only
             about their company and services. (details apply)
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