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Professional Membership Benefits Guide

                                                               Platinum Sponsors – Speaking Opportunities
                                              PLATINUM           •  Minute at the Mic Presenter / Speaker
                                                 $10,000           Address attendees at BCMS events about their company and
                                                                   services (details apply)
                                               Honored Member
                                              *Special Recognition   •  BCMS Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                   Your company representative(s) may make a special presentation
                                                 & Privileges
                                                                   at a BCMS Board of Directors meeting
                                                               Platinum Sponsors – San Antonio Medicine magazine
                                                                 •  Complimentary full color quarter-page ad/announcement
                                                                   “New/Renewing Platinum Sponsor” and your ad copy
                                                                 •  Platinum Sponsors – Company Literature
                                                                   Promotional literature will be displayed at BCMS for physicians’
                                                               Platinum Sponsors – Promotional Distribution
                                                                 •  May distribute company brochure at each place setting at
                                                                   BCMS events (details apply)
                                                               Platinum Sponsors – Seminars
                                                                 •  BCMS will host two focus group meetings with physician
                                                                   members (catering and hard copy invitation not included)
                                                                            Benefits Other Sponsorship Levels
                                GOLD                           PUBLICATIONS
                                $5,000                         Platinum / Gold only – Article Writing Opportunities
                             Business Building                   •  Submit articles for publication in the San Antonio Medicine
                            (*Our most popular)                    magazine
                                                               All Levels – San Antonio Medicine Magazine
                                                                 •  Complimentary 12-month subscription
                                                               Platinum / Gold first preference – San Antonio Medicine
                                                                 •  12-month listing with logo Circle of Friends Services Directory.
              SILVER                                               (Silver no logos)
              $3000                                            All Levels – BCMS Physician & Medical Directory
                                                                 •  Complimentary issues (non-members at a per-copy cost $89.95)
            Sustainer Level
                                                               Platinum / Gold first preference – BCMS Physician & Medical Directory
                                                                 •  Annual listing in Circle of Friends Services Directory section
                                                               Platinum / Gold first preference – Events
                                                                 •  Your company name will be listed on BCMS event invitations
                                                                 •  Company name listed on recognition signage at BCMS events
                                                               Platinum / Gold first preference – Vendor Space
                                                                 •  Reserved vendor space at BCMS general events (as available)
                                                               All Levels – The Weekly Dose E-newsletter
                                                                 •  Complementary 12-month subscription to BCMS members’
                                                                   weekly e-newsletter (Silver limited)
                                                               Platinum / Gold first preference – The Weekly Dose E-newsletter
                                                                 •  Full color ad space as available
                                                               All Levels – Membership Mailing Labels
                                                                 •  Can be pre-sorted to spec, can be substituted for e-blast
                                                               Platinum / Gold first preference – Physician Inquires
                                                                 •  Referrals to Circle of Friends for services or products
                                                               Platinum / Gold first preference – Levels, Circle of Friends Home Page
                                                                 •  Full color logo displayed with exclusive link to your website or
                                                                   lading page (Silver no logos, text listing only)
                                                                 •  Platinum / Gold first preference – Circle of Friends Services
                                                                   Directory 12-month online listing with logo
                                                               All Levels – BCMS App & On-Line Directory of Services
                                                                 •  12-month listing company name and profile information
                                                               All Levels – BCMS Auto Program
                                                                 •  Circle of Friends members may participate
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