The Weekly Dose           Bexar County Medical Society

Week of July 14,  2013 

Vol. 2, No. 44



Call to Action:

Public Health & Patient Advocacy Committee invites BCMS members

to support committee's

public health initiative: prevention and control of cardiometabolic diseases


By Mary E. Nava, MBA

BCMS Chief Governmental

and Community Relations Officer


Be sure to look in your mailbox this week for the July issue of San Antonio Medicine and read the President's Message about the public health initiative for 2013 selected by the BCMS Public Health and Patient Advocacy (PH&PA) Committee: the prevention and control of cardiometabolic diseases.


Committee chairman John Nava, MD, is calling on all BCMS members to sign up and support the committee's initiative.


"The time is now for BCMS physicians to lead by example and get involved in the community to support BCMS and other organizations in our city which already focus on a variety of health programs geared to improving the health status of our community," says Dr. Nava. "What better way to show our patients that we, physicians, mean what we say when it comes to the prevention and control of cardiometabolic diseases -- by us physicians being visible in the community supporting and participating in the numerous healthy events our city offers for our residents and patients." 


BCMS reached out to 18 community organizations and city officials to seek their support and join us to work together on this initiative. Early responses have been positive, and we look forward to providing information to you, our members, regularly via our website, San Antonio Medicine magazine and this newsletter with information on local activities you and your patients can consider supporting.


By the same token, if any of you are already involved in community activities that would help support our initiative, please let us know what those programs or events are so we can help promote those activities to our membership as well. 


If you are interested in supporting the BCMS PH&PA Committee's initiative, please contact Mary Nava, chief governmental and community relations officer and committee liaison, by email to