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Week of Feb. 3,  2013 

Vol. 2, No. 21

Is there a fundamental flaw?



By John K. Wisniewski

BCMS CEO/Executive Director



Efforts to "bend the cost curve" focus on physician incentives, but what about patients?


From their perspective, higher deductibles are an immediate disincentive to seek care, while out-of-pocket maximums and the ban on lifetime caps eliminate cost concerns for catastrophic illnesses.


Your patient's unspoken philosophy is probably, "I'm worried there's something really wrong with me, but hope to make it through the year to avoid paying this giant deductible twice."  Of course, this philosophy will bend the curve  -- unfortunately, twice. 








American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology


Red-carpet auction

featuring comedian/actors

Steve and Nancy Carell

to benefit ARTrust


 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 23

during the AAAAI annual meeting in San Antonio


For more information

and to purchase tickets,

click here





5K run/walk

Feb. 24, San Antonio


For more information,

click here or 

call 414-272-6071.


Clinical technology resource available to BCMS members free of charge


Visual DX is web-based and offers a comprehensive medical image library physicians can access when making a diagnosis.


Visual DX is organized by symptoms, rather than by diagnoses, thus making it an efficient tool for physicians to make an accurate diagnosis.


In partnership with the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (SAMHD) and Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council for Trauma (STRAC), BCMS offers this service free of charge to all physician members of BCMS.


Click here to get started using this resource.


NOTE: You will need your medical license number and BCMS ID to get started. If you need either, please call the BCMS membership department at (210) 301-4371.



 83rd Legislative

Session Update

Senate committees announced; finance committee tackling SB1 


By Mary E. Nava, MBA

BCMS Chief Governmental and

Community Relations Officer


Senate committees for the 83rd Session recently were announced (click here for a list), and the Senate Finance Committee has been in hearings in the past week to review SB1, the Senate's budget bill.


Numerous state agencies and institutions have come before the committee to provide testimony on their budget needs.  The committee also is working on the Article II budget, which pertains to that part of the budget that decides how much money the state will spend on healthcare services.


Stay tuned to this column, as well as San Antonio Medicine and the BCMS website, for updates on this and other activities, hearings and legislative updates as they occur.



For more information and local discussion on legislative advocacy, practice management and other issues, consider joining the BCMS Socioeconomics and Legislative Committee.

For information, contact Mary Nava at

210-301-4395 or by email.



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