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Week of March 31,  2013 

Vol. 2, No. 29



By John K. Wisniewski

BCMS CEO/Executive Director


The patient/physician relationship is sacred, defined as "reverently dedicated to a person or purpose."


This would be a good week to assess how your practice displays reverence. 


Every care team is responsible for a busy schedule, and each patient has a perspective that is personal, intimate and important. Fill you office with constant reminders; consider a brief reflection at the start of each day; proclaim reverence in your job descriptions, policies, forms, expectations, brochures and signage.


Know that the team here at BCMS is honored to serve you.





Free oral, head and neck cancer screenings

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Saturday, April 20

8 a.m. to noon


Oncology San Antonio-South

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Free and open to the public


For information, email 




83rd Session Update

HB 1803 moving through

legislative process

Richard Benedikt, MD

testifies before committee



By Mary E. Nava, MBA

BCMS Chief Governmental and

Community Relations Officer


On March 3, I wrote about HB 1803, a TMA-supported bill filed by Rep. Bill Callegari (R-Katy) that would streamline and improve the process used by DPS to renew physicians' controlled substance permits. HB 1803 was heard in the House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety on March 28. 


Richard Benedikt, MD, a radiologist and BCMS member; and author of the original BCMS resolution to TMA that eventually became the basis for HB 1803, testified before the committee on behalf of the Texas Medical Association.  HB 1803 was left pending in committee, as is usually the case for many bills.  We will provide you with updates as we continue to follow this bill as it moves its way to hopefully becoming law. 


To watch a video of Dr. Benedikt -- and see other TMA legislative news -- click here.


To read HB 1803, click here.


To read Dr. Benedikt's testimony, click here.


Stay tuned to this column for more updates on the status of bills and other activities as the 83rd Legislative Session continues. 


For local discussion on the 83rd Legislative Session, First Tuesdays trips to the Capitol and other legislative and socioeconomic topics, consider joining the BCMS Legislative and Socioeconomics Committee by contacting Mary Nava at


Happy National Doctors' Day, March 30
















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