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Week of  Feb. 15,  2015 

Vol. 4, No.  23

Need a new 'do? Get a FREE 

photo made!


It is time to update your photo for the Bexar County Medical Society Physician & Medical Directory, your online Find a Doctor profile and in the DocBookMD app.


RCL Portrait Design will be coming to a location near you in February to take professional portraits of all physicians. The photographs will be taken FREE of charge, and you will be able to select your favorite shot.



For professional quality and best presentation we recommend the following attire:


Women: Suit jacket or long-sleeved blouse


Men: Dark jacket

and tie



The photo shoots currently scheduled are shown here:  


Feb. 23 and 24: Baptist Medical Center Downtown, cafeteria B


Feb. 25: 

Mission Trail Baptist, private dining room in the cafeteria


Feb. 26 and 27:

North Central Baptist, first-floor meeting room across from radiology


We encourage all physicians (and staff) to take advantage of this free service.


Note: All locations, dates and times are subject to change.




(800) 951-8712 






Legislative session

in full swing


By Mary E. Nava, MBA

BCMS Chief Governmental and Community Relations Officer 


The 84th legislative session is now in full swing with Senate and House committee hearings taking place to discuss a number of items under consideration for the state's next two-year budget. Among them are the state's Medicaid program, mental health funding, GME funding, e-cigarette products and the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute (CPRIT).


The number of bills filed continues to grow, and as of Feb. 9, there were a total of 2,300 bills filed. Please stay tuned to this column for more updates as the legislative session continues. Information/article archives also are posted to the BCMS website advocacy page here.


If you would like to attend the next First Tuesdays visit to the Capitol on March 3, please register through TMA by clicking here.

For local discussion on this and other advocacy topics, consider joining the BCMS Legislative and Socioeconomics Committee by contacting Mary Nava.





March 13

Medicine at the Crossroads,

with Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD. For more information, click here.




Family pressure? Want to save the world?




San Antonio Medicine, the BCMS monthly print magazine, is seeking authors for the May issue on the topic: Why I Became a Doctor.


Please send articles of 

400 to 600 words

to by March 1.




The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group seeks participants for a research study of an investigational tissue implant for knee cartilage injuries


The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group is participating in a research study evaluating an investigational treatment called NeoCart®, a tissue implant made from a patient's own cells, aimed at repairing certain knee cartilage injuries.

 A total of 245 patients will participate in the research of the surgical procedure in up to 40 sites across the United States.


Orthopedic surgeon Brad S. Tolin, MD, will be leading the clinical trial at The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. Participating TSAOG surgeons include: B. Christian Balldin, MD, S. Josh Bell, MD, Ronald W. Connor, MD, Frank J. Garcia, MD, Robert U. Hartzler, MD, MS, Alan E. Hibberd, MD, Phillip M. Jacobs, MD, Bryan W. Kaiser, MD, Eloy Ochoa Jr., MD, Richard L. Ursone, MD, Casey D. Taber, MD, Brad S. Tolin, MD, Daniel C. Valdez, MD, and Sergio Viroslav, MD.


Patients who are 18 to 55 years old and who have symptoms of knee pain in one knee may be candidates for this study. However, those who have previously failed other treatments or smoke more than one pack of cigarettes per week may not be eligible.


For more information, click here.



The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group is a 100 percent TMA/BCMS membership practice. 












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