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Sept. 22, 2019

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BCMS Birthday – 166 years old

The year was 1853, when a group of medical visionaries, led by several physicians from San Antonio, organized and formed the Texas Medical Association in January and on September 22, 1853, formed the Bexar County Medical Society, making BCMS the first county medical society in Texas. This year, BCMS celebrates 166 years of BCMS physicians continuously fulfilling the BCMS mission of serving and representing the member physicians of Bexar County in providing quality health care for their patients and the public.

Click here to read about the history of BCMS in the November 2003 Sesquicentennial issue of San Antonio Medicine and the October 2015 issue “What BCMS Does for You”.

BCMS Annual Auto Show

BCMS 33rd Annual Auto Show

Thursday, October 17 5:30 to 8:30 PM

BCMS Building
4334 N. Loop 1604 West • San Antonio, TX 78249

Music By: The Rick Cavender Band

Nine area restaurants serving their best for a Taste of BCMS.
You be the judge!

Enjoy New Cars, Food, Drink and Family Time!

LifeBridge - Help for the Stressed Physician!

As physician burnout rates increase, BCMS has determined that it is imperative to provide a resource tool to its physician members to address this issue. For that reason, BCMS has launched the LifeBridge Physician Wellness Program in collaboration with an online counseling provider named BetterHelp.

All categories of members, including Active, Active First Year, Student, Resident, Military, Life and Retired are all eligible to receive one month of free personal counseling, including up to 4 live sessions and unlimited text/email messaging with a Texas-licensed counselor/therapist.

* Check your email for an invitation from  *


San Antonio Medicine Spotlight Article


My dear wife of 57 years, Kendall, was diagnosed with dementia in 2009, after 53 years of the most enjoyable and pleasant years imaginable. A year later she was upgraded to Alzheimer’s disease by a neurologist. When she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I was given very little information pertaining to the disease and virtually nothing as to what to expect as a caregiver. I had virtually no experience with the disease either in my family or that of my friends. I did not know what to expect going forward. Trial and error was the script, so to speak.…

Community News and Events

·         UT System Population Health Survey of Primary Care Clinics

·         September 28 - Heal the Healer 2019 Solving Problems, Restoring Wholeness

·         September 29 – UTHSA’s TMA/AMA/BCMS chapter Hard Hats for Little Heads Fundraiser

·         December 14 – Heart Rhythm Focus San Antonio Symposium

Circle of Friends Gold Sponsor

Circle of Friends Gold Sponsors

Thank you to our BCMS Circle of Friends sponsors!

Donations from Circle of Friends sponsors help keep down the cost of dues and allow BCMS to continue to provide quality service to its members.

The Society continues its pledge to you and only will involve itself in services and programs that benefit you, the member, and your patients.

Bexar County Medical Society

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San Antonio, TX 78249


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