May 13, 2018

Vol. 7, No. 19


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BCMS Delegation News
TexMed Kickoff Reception
TexMed 2018 is May 18-19
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BCMS Delegation News

BCMS Delegation to TMA ready for TexMed 2018
- Shah and Kenton seeking elected positions


TexMed 2018 comes to San Antonio this week, May 18-19 and the BCMS Delegation to TMA is ready to work to help push adoption of three BCMS resolutions and to campaign for support for Dr. Jayesh Shah, who is running for TMA Board of Trustees and Dr. Alex Kenton, who is running for AMA Alternate Delegate.


The three BCMS resolutions submitted for consideration by the TMA House of Delegates, including the reference committee that will consider each are provided here by resolution number and topic: Resolution 105; Resolution 106; Resolution 307.


Additionally, the TMA House of Delegates elections take place on Saturday, May 19.  Campaign information about Dr. Shah and Dr. Kenton is available by clicking on their names here: Jayesh Shah, MD; Alexander Kenton, MD.


For more information or to learn how you can get involved with the BCMS Delegation to TMA, contact Mary Nava, chief government affairs officer and delegation liaison at


TexMed Kickoff Reception

RSVP Time Extended

TexMed 2018 is May 18-19

Free 15-Minute Billing Consults at TexMed in San Antonio

TexMed 2018 is coming to San Antonio in a few weeks, so now is a good time to register. There will be plenty to see and learn, including a chance to find ways to improve your practice’s revenue cycle in just 15 minutes. That’s right, you’re invited to sign up for a free Quick Consult on either day of the conference.  More


A lot is planned for TexMed 2018 on May 18 and 19:  


As always, TexMed is free to all TMA members, the staff of TMA members, and first-time non-member attendees


Here are some helpful TexMed links:

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