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§  Measuring and Addressing Physician Burnout - AMA

§  Be Well Texas New Facility - UT Health San Antonio

§  Doctors' Burden: Medscape Physician Suicide Report 2023

§  6 Ways to Increase Your Happiness - UT Health San Antonio

§  How Do You Stay Healthy? - Psychiatric Times

§  Measuring and Addressing Physician Burnout - American Medical Association

§  A Tragedy of the Profession: Medscape Physician Suicide Report 2022

§  Why are Women Leaving Medicine? Gaslighting. - Medpage Today

§  Beyond Burnout: A Physician Wellness Hierarchy Designed to Prioritize Interventions at the Systems Level Journal of Medicine

§  Why "Happy" Doctors Die by Suicide - Doximity Network

§  Ten Commandments of Physician Wellness - Clinical Medicine Research

§  Physician Work Life Balance: 10 Things Physicians Need to Know

§  Vitality in the Workplace

§  Stop Framing Wellness Programs Around Self-Care


§  New Year, New Look - Psychiatric Times

§  Talks for When You Feel Totally Burned Out - TED Talks

§  Physician Well-Being Symposium Videos - Travis County Medical Society

§  “If You Ask Me My Name" - Psychiatric Times

§  The Power of Empathy: Helen Riess - TEDxMiddlebury


§  The Happy MD

  Texas Medical Association (TMA)

§  Texas Medicine: Wellness First

  Amercian Medical Assocation (AMA)

§  Measuring and addressing physician burnout


  National Academy of Medicine


  American Academy of Pediatrics


§  Education & Resources - Travis County Medical Society

§  Travis CMS Safe Harbor Counseling Program - TMLT

§  National Alliance on Mental Illness: Health Care Professionals

§  Resource Compendium for Health Care Worker Well-Being

§  Surgeon General's Advisory on Health Care Worker Burnout

§  Local Crisis Hotline, 210-223-SAFE, or 988 (Formerly Nationa Suicide Prevention Lifeline), or text Talk to 741741

§  STRAC Resiliency:Caring for the Caring

§  Therapy Aid Support Line

§  YOU CAN be a Happy MD

§  Physician Burnout or "Moral Injury" what differerence does it make?

§  The Psychiatric Times

§  Self Care Ideas

§  The Coalition for Physician Well-Being

§  Mindful MD Mom - Support, Inspire and Empower

§  Physician Health First - AAFP

§  Empathetics Neuroscience of Emotions


§  Calm

§  Headspace

§  Breath2Relax

§  Take A Break!

§  Breathe

§  Mood Tools

§  Moodkit

§  Virtual Hope Box


§  We Are All Perfectly Fine: A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing by Jillian Horton, MD

§  The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams

§  The Healer: Peace, Prayers, and Promises by Ted Hamilton, MD

§  Transforming the Heart of Practice: An Organizational and Personal Approach to Physician Wellbeing

§  Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis