Nominating/Constitution & Bylaws


Each year, in accordance with the Bexar County Medical Society (BCMS) bylaws, nominations are sought for leadership positions for the upcoming year (or years, depending on the position) for BCMS.

Leadership positions that are filled by elections are president-elect, vice president, secretary, treasurer, three members of the Board of Directors, two members of the Board of Censors, five members of the Board of Mediations, two at-large members of the Nominating Committee, and approximately one-half of the delegates and alternate delegates to the Texas Medical Association (TMA).

Each of the candidate’s qualifications are reviewed and approved by the Nominating Committee prior to notifying the membership of the slate of nominees for their consideration and vote. Qualifications for the various positions include officers of the Society (president-elect, vice president, secretary and treasurer) must be active, dues paying members who have been members of the Society for a minimum of five years and for the office of president-elect, candidates must have served a minimum of three years in an elected position or as appointed chair of a Bexar County Medical Society committee.

For the Boards of Mediations and Censors each position is elected for a term of three years and the member receiving the largest number of votes at the time of election shall become the chair of the board during the third year. The vice-chair will be the person receiving the second highest number of votes at the time of election. Nominees for the Boards of Mediations or Censors have to be active members in the Bexar County Medical Society for at least ten years.

Delegates and alternate delegates to TMA serve for a term of two years with no limit to the number of terms they serve.

The timeline for the election process is

  • 120 days before the election the “Call for Nominations” is sent (June)
  • 90 days before election, deadline for filing nominations (July)
  • The membership is notified no later than the second Tuesday of August of the proposed slate of nominees
  • Nominees may withdraw within 14 days of membership notification
  • Within 7 days the Nominating Committee will select another nominee, if necessary, and notify membership of final slate
  • No later than 30 days prior to election mail ballots to eligible voters (September). Eligible voters consist of Active and Emeritus members only.
  • Balloting ends at 5 p.m. on the second Tuesday in October
  • Next day, notify the candidates with results, wait 5 days to ensure there are no contests then notify membership via fax, e-mail, and magazine
  • If contested, Board of Directors shall call a special meeting to decide the winner of the election


Meeting Dates: Click Here for the BCMS calendar

Contact information:

Dr. Gerald Greenfield, Chair

Dr. Rudy Molina, Vice Chair

Staff liaison:
Monica Jones
(210) 301-4373