Public Health and Patient Advocacy Committee


GOALS: Evaluates and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on BCMS' position concerning overall public health issues, including support for the public health infrastructure, preventive medicine, and health aspects of environmental affairs.

FUNCTIONS: Provides a forum for open communication among patients, doctors, employees, and employers. Conducts focus-group meetings with employers and employees to determine their attitudes and preferences as they relate to the evolving healthcare market in San Antonio. Advocates and promulgates preventive care and public education for a healthier community.

COMPOSITION: The chair is appointed by the BCMS President. All other members, through expressed preference, are selected by the President based upon the desire to actively participate in committee functions and interest in the goals and purpose of the committee.

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Contact information:
Dr. Priti Mody-Bailey, Chair 
Dr. Leah Jacobson, Co-Chair

Staff liaison: 
Mary Nava
(210) 301-4395