Is leasing right for you? The BCMS Automobile Program is designed to help you eliminate confusion, avoid working with a middleman, and determine which lease makes the most sense for you.

How does it work? Transportation companies have been using TRAC leases for years because  they offer significant advantages:A TRAC lease can build equity in the vehicle over time while having the monthly payments, or rentals, deductible as a business expense (rather than depreciate the asset). At the end of the term, the entity leasing the vehicle will either purchase the vehicle at the pre-agreed residual price or return the vehicle and share in the residual upside, if any As a commercial vehicle, property tax will be due annually. In the event the residual is set too high or the vehicle is in poorer condition than expected, the value of the vehicle could possibly be less than the residual, resulting in an additional expense.

What are the advantages of a Frost Commercial TRAC Lease? The Frost Commercial TRAC Lease can benefit the lessee in five ways: They allow the lessee to share in the residual sales value. The residuals on the BCMS/Frost leases are set conservatively, creating potential upside for the practice. Because the lessee guarantees the vehicle’s residual value, the rentals paid may be lower than otherwise available. Because the lessee guarantees the residual there are no mileage limitations or “adders” at the end of term The monthly payments, or a portion thereof, may be tax deductible.

Getting started If you can qualify your car, truck or SUV as a commercial vehicle, you now have another financing option available.
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Equipment leasing is also available to BCMS members.