COVID-19 Response Job Opportunities

§    CITY OF SAN ANTONIO COVID-19 RESPONSE TEAM - The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District is partnering with several staffing agencies to fill temporary positions to assist with the COVID-19 response in San Antonio. Positions will work 32 to 40 hours per week and can include weekends. Note: While candidates selected for these positions will work with Metro Health to support the COVID-19 response, they will be employees of the staffing agencies, not the City of San Antonio.

§    Public Health Administrator - Communicable Disease.


UTHealth School of Public Health- COVID-19 Case Investigators and Contact Tracers Needed:

§     UTHealth School of Public Health – COVID-19 Case Investigators and Contact Tracers Needed - UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio is recruiting workers on behalf of Metro Health to become Case Investigators and Contact Tracers. Case Investigators/Contact Tracers will be responsible for connecting with COVID-19 patients, as well as locating and counseling individuals those patients may have come into contact with during the course of their infection. We are prioritizing hiring Case Investigators, so please consider applying for those positions. Identifying, quarantining and testing people exposed to a known COVID-19 patient helps end the chain of disease transmission and is a critical part of ensuring the health and safety of San Antonio as the state begins to re-open.